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Following the enactment of the Open-Ended Undertakings for Collective Investment (UCI) and the Alternative Investment funds Laws as amended, Cyprus became one of the most cost-effective and advantageous jurisdictions for the establishment of investment funds, offering great opportunities for fund managers to structure and grow their business in Europe and beyond.

XCH, as one of the leading and most specialised consultancy firm in the region, has a specialised team of professionals that possess unprecedented experience in the provision of support to international financial institutions. Our team is ready to assist with any matter you may face towards obtaining an investment fund license and the set-up and maintenance of its operational development.

Our services in relation to investment funds include, amongst others:

Preparation and Promotion of the Fund License Application

  • • Fund structure analysis and review: We examine and provide advice on the various structures your scheme can take based on your specific requirements;

  • • Incorporation of the Legal Entity that will apply for the licence :We draft the Memorandum & Articles of Association and undertake the registration of a private company with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies;

  • • Assistance with preliminary operational requirements: We assist with locating qualified directors and/or suitable counterparties for the opening of custodian accounts according to your needs;

  • • Assistance with the collection of personal documentation :We provide guidance towards the collection of all the necessary personal documentation and certificates to be submitted as part of your license application;

  • • Build the license application file:We assist with the preparation of all the documents that form part of the application package, including the drafting of all necessary manuals in accordance with the requirements of the law and the completion and/or review of the application form(s) and questionnaires, as well as any relevant checklists and other information to be submitted as part of your license application, and;

  • • Act as promoters to your application throughout its evaluation process: We respond on your behalf to the queries of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission during the evaluation of your application.

Administration Services

Provision of ongoing administration services: We provide a cost effective fund administration package to ensure full coverage of your fund administration needs, including amongst others the following:

  • • Dealing with fund correspondence;

  • • Processing subscriptions;

  • • Processing redemptions and withdrawals;

  • • Computing Net Asset Values;

  • • Maintaining books and records;

  • • Disbursing payments, and;

  • • Setting up and administering the accounts on behalf of the fund and any other matters usually performed for the administration of a fund.

Regulatory Support and Audit Reporting Services

  • • Annual External Audit Services: We provide services related to auditing for the statutory annual financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards;

  • • Annual Internal Audit Services: We offer Full Internal Audit Services in accordance with the requirements of your local and European legislation;

  • • Ongoing Compliance and Regulatory Reporting Support: We offer a full range of comprehensive Compliance Support Services by a qualified team of legal experts and professionals;

  • • Full legal support and advice

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