AML Services Malta

XCH Anti-Money Laundering Services – Helping institutions meet international compliance to bolster growth and Development

Money Laundering is the process of using unlawful tactics to make money gained from illicit enterprises look like it has been legitimately acquired. Most of the time money that’s been laundered comes from criminal activities like drug trafficking, illegal scams and many other illegal crimes where money is ill-gained and needs to be “cleaned” to appear legitimate. Companies like XCH AML Services exist to curb the scourge of money laundering in Cyprus. This company has been successfully making inroads into Malta and Luxembourg. These countries have experienced a steady rise in the number of intercontinental business. As small as they might be they have a burgeoning economy, something that always draws the attention of business institutions but it also unwittingly draws the attention of criminal opportunists.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a steady rise of dubious companies and individuals making dirty money. Enterprises that aren’t necessarily illegal but are governed by stringent fiduciary laws like brokerage firms and Banking institutions have also found themselves under attack by financial crime. Most of these companies would have Anti-Money Laundering Compliance officers to keep track of the company’s financial dealings and they make sure that there aren’t any hidden skeletons.

The world has changed over the years and people have reimagined the financial sector to be something it wasn’t before. For instance it is only now that the corporate world started to view compliance and financial crime as two separate things. In order to effectively deal with the evolving risk management and regulatory requirements in most industries and from continent to continent it is important to fully understand the how developing an integrated system can help businesses to improve their return on risk and compliance investments. This can help companies cultivate trust with customers, business partners, shareholders and potential investors.

XCH has been providing unique solution to help companies with their AML compliance. They offer services that include assessing risks, offering auditing, accounting services, Investment services, Fiduciary services and tailoring systems that make international banking and payments solutions easy. They have created a 100% computerized Anti-Money Laundering and KYC Software which optimizes the approach that institutions take to prevent financial crime and manage compliance management issues by managing AML processes in tandem to have a unified view of risk across various areas within a business enterprise. Now companies looking for AML Services in Malta, Cyprus and Luxembourg can have an easy efficient system to help them meet the International Standards of AML Compliance.