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XCH is one of the leading and most specialized consultancy firms for financial services companies in Europe. It is located in Cyprus, an upcoming European business center. Our professional teams provide unique and tailored solutions for business and startups. Our specialised personnel is a team of high level professionals in the fields of global licensing, AML compliance and risk management, internal audit, accounting, taxation, banking and payment solutions. The key to our success is specialization combined with continuous updating.

Financial Services and Licensing

Our portfolio of clients includes some of the largest and most successful financial services companies in Europe operating in wide range of sectors such as Investment Companies, Forex and Binary Options Firms, Asset Management, Banking and Payment Services. Many of our clients have successfully received ASP authorisation from CySEC and they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. All our team members have undertaken thorough and extensive training and are ready to help you with the implementation of MiFID, in Cyprus as well as other member states of the EU.

Accounting and Tax

We offer individually customized solutions that can be tailored to any specific need. Through the correct Group Structure and the use of companies registered in several tax jurisdictions, we are able to provide tax planning advice in order to mitigate your international tax liability. In addition to expertise in the local Cyprus taxation legislation our tax consultants have specialist knowledge and experience on international tax matters.

Banking and Payment Services

XCH team of experts helping our prominent clients at any stage, from the establishment and activation of a bank in Cyprus to its expansion or restructuring and on a continuous basis with compliance support. We can provide set-up and authorization services for a Payment Institution (PI) license and post-license compliance support. With this license a PI may offer its services freely in the entire European Union.

Anti-Money Laundering Services

AML Auditors of XCH can provide an independent audit and testing of Anti-Money Laundering Systems, Programs and Procedures designed for financial and non-financial institutions. Our experience and consultative approach in AML and generally in Financial industry, provide for an unmatched level of precision and expertise. A proven track record of success and satisfied customers make AML Audit Services a trusted advisor for your AML testing needs. XCH is a proud member of the Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists.

Anti-Money Laundering Platform

Based on our extended experience in Anti-Money Laundering and having realised the need of the market for fast, reliable and documented AML audit we have designed and developed the XCH – AML Platform. With AML Platform a fast and reliable Anti-Money Laundering inspection according can be performed. It is conformed to all major international AML standards and directives and it is getting all the latest compliance updates.

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