XCH Licenses team helps you to obtain a Banking license in Cyprus from the Central Bank of Cyprus, a Cyprus Investment Firm License from CySEC or an EU Investment Firm License from any other EU Authority and Administrative Services Provider (ASP) license from CySec.


The XCH Financial Services Advisory Team is a unique team of qualified and experienced consultants providing full range of consulting and advisory services, related to the registration and operation of Administrative Services Providers (Fiduciary Companies), Investment Firms (Forex and Binary Options) and Banking Institutions in Cyprus and other member states of the EU. All our team members have undertaken thorough and extensive training and are ready to help you with the implementation of MiFID, in Cyprus as well as other member states of the EU.

Our services include:

• Consulting on the form of a financial group's presence in Cyprus and the rest of the EU (IF, CIF, Investment Branch or other, depending on the Client's needs)
• Advisory support towards authorization and registration of an EU Investment Firm or a Cypriot Banking Institution
• Preparation of the Application File in accordance with current regulatory requirements,
• CIF/IF/Bank registration after the authorization
• Locating qualified Directors and personnel for an/a CIF/IF/Bank
• Full legal, accounting and auditing support of an/a CIF/IF/Bank[/vc_column_text]

Initial Share Capital for Investment Firms in Cyprus (Forex and Binary Options)

• The minimum initial capital of a CIF providing any the following services:
Reception and Transmission, Execution, Portfolio Management, Investment Advice is 125.000 Euro.

• The minimum initial capital of a CIF providing any of the following services:
Reception and Transmission, Investment Advice (no handling of client funds/instruments) is 50.000 Euro

• The minimum initial capital of a CIF providing any of the following services:
Trading and Purchase and Sale for Own Account, Underwriting, Operation of MTF is 730.000 Euro

Internal Audit

The qualified and specialized team of XCH provides full and comprehensive Internal Audit, Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Compliance Support Services to a great number of regulated entities.

Our Internal Audit Services includes:
• Design and Implementation of Internal Audit Programs
• Exercise od Special Investigation on Detection of Fraud
• Corporate Governance Services
• Preparation and documentation of internal procedures and processes in accordance with clients’ needs and regulatory body requirements.
• Preparation of Internal Audit Report for the management use and for the company internal audit committee.

AML & Compliance Support Services

Our AML and Compliance Support Services include:
• Implementation of Due Diligence Procedures
• Provision of on-site personnel for compliance assistance
• Compliance support for KYC and Anti- Money Laundering procedures
• Clients Risk Categorization Procedures
• Q&A Know-Your-Client (KYC) support
• Clients ongoing monitoring procedures
• Preparation of Annual Anti –money Laundering /Compliance report

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