Anti-Money Laundering Services

AML Audit Services

Our AML auditors expertise provide AML audit to investments firms and administrative service providers based in all countries in Europe.

AML Auditors of XCH can provide an independent audit and testing of Anti-Money Laundering Systems, Programs and Procedures designed for financial and non-financial institutions. Our experience and consultative approach in AML and generally in Financial industry, provide for an unmatched level of precision and expertise. A proven track record of success and satisfied customers make AML Audit Services a trusted advisor for your AML testing needs.

AML and Compliance Support Services

XCH AML Specialists can assist you for:

  • Implementation of Due Diligence Procedures
  • Provision of on-site personnel for Compliance Assistance
  • Compliance Support for KYC and Anti Money Laundering Procedures
  • Clients Risk Assessments Procedures
  • Q&A Know your Client (KYC) Support
  • Clients on going Monitoring procedures
  • Preparation of AMLCO report

AML Platform

We have developed a platform for fast and reliable Anti-Money Laundering inspection according to international standards and directives. AML platform provides the user with reliable risk monitoring and it is being updated with all the latest compliance directives and regulations. For more details regarding please visit AML Platform page.

We will be very pleased if we could arrange meeting for a brief presentation of the AML – KYC Software. Send us your information via contact page or by chat.

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