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About Us

XCH is one of the leading and most specialized consultancy firms for financial services companies in Europe. Our professional teams provide unique and tailored solutions for the financial services sector in global licensing, AML compliance and risk management, internal audit, accounting, taxation, banking and payment solutions. Our portfolio of clients includes some of the largest and most successful financial services companies in Europe operating in the FX, Binary Options, Asset Management, Banking and Payment Services sectors. XCH has been responsible for many ASP’s licenses, issued by CySec, with an impeccable 100 % success rate.

Areas of Expertise

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Financial services advisory

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Banking and payment services advisory

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Accounting and tax services

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Anti-Money Laundering Services

Anti-Money Laundering Services

Anti-Money Laundering department provides a full range of certified services across Europe. XCH is a proud member of the Association of Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialists.

AML Auditors  of XCH can provide  an  independent audit and testing of Anti-Money Laundering Systems, Programs and Procedures designed for financial and non-financial institutions.

Anti-Money Laundering Audit

Our  experience and consultative approach in AML and generally in Financial industry,  provide for an unmatched level of compliance support.

Compliance Support

Fast and reliable Anti-Money Laundering inspection according to international standards and directives. The ultimate platform for AML monitoring with frequent compliance updates.

AML Platform

Why you should choose Cyprus

Cyprus as an International Business center in combination with the European culture, the geographical location, the warm weather, the English based law system and the safe environment attract people from different countries who are interested to move and make business in Cyprus.
Our company has the knowledge and the experience to assist newcomers to Cyprus with the entire immigration and relocation process.

Why Cyprus?



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Our Mission Statement

Our mission and commitment to Our Clients is to help them achieve maximum value to their business by handling complex and sophisticated matters locally, nationally and internationally in a professional and personal manner.

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